Tuesday, April 19, 2022

7 ways to reduce and control e-waste management

Only 30% of the 75% recyclable rubbish in India is now recycled, so waste management in India has a lot of room for growth. A loss of powerful guidelines for the collection, storage, and recycling, in addition to inefficient infrastructure, are just a few of the various elements contributing to the country’s inefficiency in waste management.

Recent trends in e-waste management

The Environmental Protection Agency’s National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship serves as the muse for brand spanking new guidelines and plans for digital tool manufacturing and recycling. A cognizance of a zero-waste, linear economy, cantered susceptibility to cyber protection to enhance device destabilization methodologies, and a usual cognizance of right e-waste recycling accreditations, employees’ rights, and ecologic oversight for hooked-up carrier agencies are many of the proposed or implemented.

Startups have commenced having interaction in lots of activities, together with e-waste disposal, credit score monitoring, logistics, and distribution, records safety and disposal, and CSR initiatives. They start via way of means of sorting the particles into glassware, plastics, and metallic. Following this, the method all the dangerous compounds and ship the leftovers to be extracted. The rest of the plastic and metallic is handed by recyclers.

Public health, Environment, and E-Waste

E-waste disposal is becoming an international public fitness and environmental concern, as digital waste has become the world’s fastest-developing part of the traditional municipal strong waste stream. E-waste is any digital or electric tool that has been thrown, surpluses, obsolete, or broken. The majority of discarded digital devices are stored in families due to the fact humans do now no longer apprehend the way to cast off them properly. This ever-growing trash is extremely complex in nature, and it’s additionally a wealthy supply of commodities consisting of gold, silver, and copper that may be recovered and reintroduced into the manufacturing process.

Disposal and Management of E-Waste

It isn’t just about reducing environmental risks in relation to e-waste reduction. Minimizing e-waste conserves assets and minimizes the quantity of power required to fabricate those products; recycling portions of interior e-waste consumes a long way much less power than the production of new ones. Listed under are more ways, in which e-waste can be reduced and managed.

Purchase fewer items

The maximum common supply of e-waste is the acquisition of gadgets we do not require. Avoid shopping for new digital gadgets that the maker can’t reuse or discard. Opting for recyclable or long-lasting digital merchandise is a sustainable step toward waste management.

Donate or give away your e-waste

If you don’t need something, donate it so that it can be appreciated by someone else. Donations are excellent tax deductions since the amount is generally close to the worth of the asset sold.

Find more about the recycling possibilities in your region

Check out your local recycling choices, no matter where you live, and share them with your family and neighborhood. For example, if you live in the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency’s website contains information on local electronics recycling opportunities.

Teach your children about e-waste

Youngsters are our legacy, and it benefits if we can teach a commitment to e-waste recycling from an early age. Because we know that consumers will continue to acquire new devices, it’s critical to constantly repeat the idea that older models should be recycled rather than discarded. If we dump our devices into a landfill, we are endangering the environment. Recycling, on either hand, has a lot of advantages for the environment.

Waste Management Technology provides better ways to gather, sort, and use waste, and new tools and methods are always emerging. As these advancements become more common, waste management will continue to become more sustainable.

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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Plastic end up oceans

“It’s only one straw,” said 8 billion people! Do you know that millions of marine animals are killed by plastic every year? 🐢 🧃 🐬 

We at DCC challenge you to pick up bits of plastic waste wherever possible and post a picture to inspire others! 😇

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Monday, March 21, 2022

Waste is only waste if we waste it! 🚯

 Waste is only waste if we waste it! 🚯🗑️ 

Take a pledge with DCC to reduce the generation of waste and take a step towards waste management by segregating and recycling plastic and other solid waste from landfills.
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GK about Plastic

 Did you know that a plastic bottle can last up to 500 years inside the soil?! 😱😷 

Let's join hands and build a sustainable society by segregating and recycling plastic and other solid waste from landfills.
We take govt. and private contracts
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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Waste Management Services & Products - DCC Infra Pvt Ltd

DCC is manufacturing Solid Waste Segregation Plants and has successfully installed them at various landfills. 
We have an experience of more than a decade in working in different domains of the Solid Waste Management Sector. We provide a complete 

End to End Solution:
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Movable Trommel Screen

 Movable Trommel Screen

With years of expertise from DCC, Zero Waste Recycler presents the "Movable Trommel". The on-the-go machine has a pre-installed conveyor system which makes it movable so that it can easily be put to use at multiple locations within a landfill.
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Saturday, March 5, 2022

3 Indian cities have managed to solve the problem of landfills

Three Indian cities, each located in a different state, have set a major benchmark for the rest of the country when it comes to ideal waste management practices, according to a new NITI Aayog report.

At a time while rubbish disposal sites have grown to be a big hassle for maximum city centers, Chhattisgarh’s Ambikapur, Maharashtra’s Chandrapur and Kerala’s Taliparamba have followed a “zero-landfill model” of development, which seeks to segment out dependency on new landfills. This fulfillment has landed the 3 towns in a listing of 28 with great waste control practices, cited withinside the record launched with the aid of using NITI Aayog.

“With fast populace increase in city areas, capacities of nearby government regularly fall quick of attaining the set dreams of city provider delivery. Therefore, zone stakeholders should be ready with good enough expertise sources to plot green waste control systems,” stated Kant on the launch.

According to the record, a zero waste landfill is primarily based totally on aid healing and concepts of round economy” which might be socially, environmentally, and economically sound. It identifies a “zero-landfill city” as one which guarantees most portions of waste are subject to medical remedy and recycling, therefore decreasing the quantity of residual stable waste and minimizing the want to assemble new landfills. 

Garbage disposal sites have become a massive problem for most urban centers, but Ambikapur, Chandrapur and Taliparamba have adopted ‘zero-landfill model.

DCC, initiative waste Recycle is the largest waste management solution in India. We strategize to bring in environmental solutions that can help the communities and organizations to become sustainable. Waste Management is been specially categorized for communities where both dry and wet waste is been found.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Need of Fresh Waste Management at Landfill in India


Did you understand India alone generates extra than sixty-two million tonnes of waste each year? Out of which most effective 60 percent is accumulated and much less than 15 percent is efficiently processed. Looking at the severity of waste, the Landfill Management government has given strict warnings that there’s a pressing want to reclaim or completely near the triumphing extra than 3,000 dumpsites in India. If not, then it’s going to create irreversible harm to the surroundings in addition to public health. However, the uphill project of dealing with strong waste has already been commenced throughout India. But, a sparkling waste control approach continues to be had to be applied to regulate, dispose of, or manipulate the era of tonnes of waste efficiently. Having stated that, allow us to discover how fresh waste management can remedy this myriad trouble in India effortlessly:

What is Fresh Waste Management?

The unsuitable and negative waste management strategies starting from unlawful or unauthorized waste structures to uncontrollable disposal have negatively impacted our land, water, and soil. Fresh waste control is the answer that now no longer simplest minimizes the waste however disposes of the identical in a scientific manner. While human beings produce tens of thousands and thousands of waste, tons of which aren’t biodegradable.

Much Fresh waste management or series corporations at the moment are taking the initiative to collect, recycle after which reuse the rubbish without inflicting any or much less harm to the environment. But the query is how the landfills paintings in coping with tonnes of waste each month or year. Let’s discover out?

Usually, the lengthy adventure of each trash or rubbish leads to a landfill and waste control facilities. It is the taken care of or secure area wherein waste, in addition to disposable materials, are saved properly. The new-age landfills are actually designed with the use of a layering system. It similarly enables isolate the rubbish properly and continually screen by-products or every other waste that might damage the environment. This is how every layer works:

How Do Landfills Work?

  1. The first step is to install a layer made of high-quality and high-density plastic to prevent liquids or clay dense coming out of waste with the help of engineers. This process is known as the liner system.
  2. In the drainage system, perforated pipes are installed to collect waste that produces liquids as it decomposes. It further ended up in funnels and being treated by treatment facilities productively.
  3. As decomposition produces a large number of gases like methane, the gas collection system help collect these gases to generate electricity and protecting the atmosphere alike. 
  4. In the final stage, the new trash that is covered with enormous dirt, doors, or deters pests is being managed using the process known as bio remediation (a systematic process that uses living organisms such as microbes and bacteria to eliminate contaminants and other toxins from soil, water, and land)

According to landfill gas experts, “the present-day landfills are aiming closer to the environmental and social duty to offer greater environmentally pleasant options for disposal control.” The new-age landfills have now stepped forward with meticulously engineering systems, reducing aspect solutions, and clean waste control DCC machines and systems to reduce nearly all of the infected riks from our land.

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Monday, November 15, 2021

Importance of Ballistic separator

Do you recognize the world’s largest Country India on my own generates sixty million masses of waste every year? Out of which, spherical 40 3 million masses are treated or accumulated and approximately 13 million tonnes are illegally dumped in landfills or seas. But, with the rise of such big waste coming from residential further to business spaces, the economic revolution is also taking place. Thanks to the powerful waste segregation tool like Ballistic Separators that allows the waste manage companies to collect, separate, and sort out one in all a type sorts of waste materials professionally.

More Productive Than Any Conventional Machines

Unlike traditional machines, a Ballistic Separator offers a large number of benefits with an awful lot much less manpower and protection. The lowest operational cost, electricity consumption, and speedy production are one of the desired benefits that this versatile application single-handedly offers.

Multiple Adjustment Possibilities

The professionally designed tool consists of immoderate load segregation devices which incorporates replaceable screening plates, flexible set of paddles, adjustable show display screen plates, etc. that allow the tool to art work perfectly even in a closed environment. The Movable Ballistic Separator ensures to kind out of the complex materials correctly and most importantly enhance the performance.

Easy & Safe Maintenance

From sorting our 2D materials to 3-D materials, the super the high-quality presentation  can be configured without putting in the more effort. Every element of the device is designed systematically with easy and speedy protection to deal with the most difficult traumatic conditions related to waste manage.

Adapt to Change Automatically

Being recognized for its world-beauty performance, reliability, and productivity, the Importance of Ballistic separator allows the character to alter the parameters consistent with the form of materials. An advanced tool like this now no longer most effective makes the device easy but moreover ensures entire the preserving aside device within the stipulated time.


Since the inception of Ballistic Separator, it has introduced a big and superb change within the place of waste manage. The possibilities of this result-oriented tool are endless and incomparable. No matter range whether or not or now no longer you preferred to cut up moderate material or heavy ones, and software program like this i.e ballistic separator may want to make the sorting device worthwhile.

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